Our Apparatus:


Engine 61

Engine 61 is a Pierce Contender Commercial Cab awarded to the Department through a grant from the Lower Colorado River Authority in 2007. This Engine has a 1250 gpm Pump, caries 1000 gallons of water, and is equipped with a foam system for a more efficient use of the water on board. Engine 61 is also equipped with a variety of tools such as the "Jaws of Life" or Hurst electronic extrication tools, vehicle stabilization struts, glass breaking tools, and forcible entry and overhaul tools. Engine 61 is the first-out apparatus for any structure fire, vehicle accidents, and rescue operations.

Brush 61

Brush 61 is a 1994 Ford F-350 with a brush fire skid unit in the bed. This truck carries 300 gallons of water and utilizes a foam induction system for more effective extinguishing of grass and brush fires. This truck carries firefighting hand tools, medical first response equipment and an AED. Brush 61 is the first-out apparatus for any wildland or grass fire. 


Squad 62

Squad 62 is a 2005 Ford Expedition. This SUV is equipped with medical equipment, an AED, additional breathing apparatus tanks, and a pull-out desk utilized for command operations. Squad 62 is first out for all medical emergencies and is used for river operations during the summer.

Brush 63

Brush 62 is a 1990 Chevy C70 and serves as the heavy brush truck for the Department. This truck holds 1000 gallons of water, and a high capacity water pump. A rear dump valve allows this truck to fight wildland fires and serve as on-scene water supply, depending on what the scene needs are. Brush 62 is second out for all wildland fires and collisions.