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Q: What is an ESD?    
A: An Emergency Services District is a political subdivision of the State of Texas, similar to a School District, Library District or Hospital District.

Q: How are ESDs governed?    
A: A board of five commissioners governs an ESD. In most counties in Texas, the County Commissioners Court appoints the commissioners to two-year terms. 

Q: Do ESD boards have meetings?    
A: By law, ESD boards must meet at least once a month. All meetings are subject to the Texas Open Meetings Act. ESDs must also comply with the Texas Public Information Act concerning open records requests and records retention.

Q: Do ESDs support only volunteer fire departments?    

A: No. While many ESDs contract with or support all-volunteer departments, many others support fully professional or combination (professional and volunteer) departments.

Q: How are ESDs funded?    
A: ESDs are allowed to levy ad valorem (property) tax. 

ESDs may also collect sales tax, provided an election is held and voters approve this power. 

ESDs are also allowed to bill for services provided, such as emergency medical services or fire protection, if it so chooses.

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