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The Communities We Serve

Martindale Fire/Rescue Provides Fire Suppression Services, Rescue, and Emergency Medical First Response within the city limits of Martindale as well as approximately 26 miles of rural Caldwell County. In addition to covering residential areas, commercial infrastructure and rural farmland, Martindale Fire/Rescue also provides Emergency Services to nearly 12 miles of heavily traveled Highway. We are also the primary provider of Emergency Services to one of the most heavily traveled stretches of river in the State of Texas; the San Marcos River. Each year thousands of tourists and students flock to the banks of the San Marcos River to enjoy relaxing floats, days of drinking, camping and musical festivals which drastically raise call volumes during the summer months. In the unfortunate event of large incidents, Martindale Fire works closely with surrounding Fire Departments to provide the citizens of Caldwell County with efficient and effective Emergency Services.

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