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Our Team:

Chris Germer
 Fire Chief / EMT-B

Alpha Company

Drew Schulle
- Lieutenant / Quartermaster

Joe Mahlie
- Firefighter / EMT-B

Jamesy True-McInerney
- Firefighter / EMT-P

Bravo Company

Cole Jackson
- Lieutenant / EMT-B

Matthew Tanksley
Firefighter / EMT-B

Jason Malone

- Probationary Firefighter

Jarrett Anderson
-Probationary Firefighter/EMT-B

Brianna Bayles
- Probationary Firefighter/EMT-B

Korey Gebert
- Firefighter / EMT-B

Phillip Settepani

-Probationary Firefighter

Emily Waters
- Medical Responder/EMT-P

Colton Murphree
- Probationary Firefighter

Water Rescue 

Ryan Dunn - Paramedic
Anthony Grant - Paramedic
Daniella Valdez - Paramedic
Daniel Mendoza - Paramedic


In Memoriam 

Senior FF/EMT-B Gene "Hoop" Hooper

Last Alarm


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